World Championship Results 2012

The championships have come and gone, and we are very proud of Sterling and Ulano’s performance on the world stage!  Sterling started the competition with a tough Dressage time draw- early on day one of two of Dressage competition.  They finished with a score of 57.47.  Team USA finished dressage strongly, putting them in 4th heading into marathon.  Saturday proved to be a great day for Sterling, finishing 21st out of 70 drivers including being the fastest in one of the hazards and at the top of the pack in a few others!  Unfortunately the rest of the US team did not have as good of day putting them in 8th going into cones.  The upward trend continued for Sterling and Ulano on Sunday where they drove a fantastic cones course finishing 10th! Teammate Donna Crookston also had a strong cones run finishing 9th, just in front of Sterling.  Factoring in the final strong showing in cones, Team USA moved up to finish 6th out of 19 countries.  Sterling finished the weekend 22nd of 70 drivers total, and the top American driver.


This experience could not have happened without the support of everyone that has given not only financially, but with their time and resources towards Sterling and Ulano’s efforts.  We cannot say thank you enough for the incredible support!


-Team Sterling


Ulie, Sterling and Lindsey powering through a hazard!
Ulano, Sterling and Lindsey


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