World Championships 2012

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived- the World Singles Championships!  Sterling and Ulano traveled to Portugal from their training base in Germany over the weekend, and are now settled in to the competition grounds.  Yesterday evening featured the Nations Dinner where each participating country brought their favorite native dishes to share.  Today brought the initial vet inspection which all three US horses passed with flying colors.  Following the vet inspection came the official drawing for dressage and marathon times.  The team competes at the following times: Dressage Thursday: 9:40 (4:40 am EST) Graburn, 17:00 Crookston, Friday: 14.20 Berndl. Marathon Saturday: 12.00 Berndl, 13.40 (8:40 am EST) Graburn 16.15 Crookston.  Cones times will be set after all competitors complete the marathon on Saturday.  To follow live results visit:

Attached are a few pictures from today’s jog.  If you have any messages for Sterling, please either respond to this email or post to the facebook page.  A daily results email will be sent until the end of the competition.

Thank you again for all of your support along the way. GO USA!

-Team Sterling


Sterling Graburn, Lindsey Nevitt, and Demi Anderson

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