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Mannkato (KWPN name Umanno) Manno x Paulien(Heineke)
2001 Dutch Harness Horse – $12,000

Mannkato could be the unicorn you are looking for! Perfect for the serious combined driving competitor OR the dressage rider looking for a trusted partner to move up with.

“Kato” holds a current USEF passport, yet the mileage of a horse half his age! No maintenance required. Kato possesses a metronome in his head and rocking horse canter. In ridden dressage, he has been shown through 3rd Level, and schooled some 4th Level.

In combined driving, Kato is an FEI level driving horse and represented the USA at the World Championships at Piber in 2016 with Sterling D.B. Graburn. They were the highest placed American pair. Kato performs lovely dressage tests with fantastic lateral work, is a monster on marathon, and drives clean and accurate cones.

Kato is in regular work, primarily in harness and occasionally under saddle. He is able to go from teaching beginner driving lessons to galloping hazards at top speed, and is safe for even beginner riders.

WTC in the arena:
Canter half pass in the outdoor dressage field:
Counter canter serpentine:

Kato also delivers himself to the mounting block for his rider 🙂


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