Todays driving with video from yesterday

Great day with clients and horses/ponies!

Zambo got to do a stress day and was fabulous! P and  R’s recovered really well! He’s liking the new four-ring french link too! Looking good! Video from yesterdays indoor dressage session. Still a little tense at times, but he got better, and then we went outside, and he maintained!

First Blog

Hello Friends,
Not much to say today. In one week, I will be heading south to Florida for my first show of the season. It will also be the first show as a single horse for Lorna Minz’s horse, Zambo. Previously, Zambo has competed in pleasure driving as a single, and in pair and tandem, and he competed in an advanced four-in-hand with Wendy Ying last year. Gayla client Dede Delaney will also be heading south with me to make her debut in the prelim pony pair division. More to come!