We made it to sunny Florida late Tuesday night, all safe and sound. Everyone worked well yesterday and there was a fair amount of interest in the new horse from those who saw him. First Vet inspection at 8:00 and dressage at 13:15. DeDe does dressage tomorrow!

Beautiful day in KY!

It’s warm and the layers are coming off fast! Clipped Zambo in preperation for his trip to
FL. Got confirmation yesterday that I have a new sponsor! So proud to be sponsored by LIFEFORCE, an Equine nutritional supplement made by Alltech! Two more to clip before we go, and everybody is working really well and it should be a good show! My previous working student/assistant trainer Lindsey Nevitt will be joining us for the trip, and then Chamilla Lewis will be meeting us in FL. Of course, Dr. Ying will be around to add support and veterinary assistance too!