Gayla Bluegrass CDE – TEAM STERLING Pony four-in-hand debut!

Had to make a change of plans to get through the show. Guzzi, my number one steady wheeler had to have eye surgery Friday. Velocette, who has not been much in the team, and is just beginning to understand life outside the roadster ring, had to step up to the plate. I had to juggle things around, and she had never done hazards at all before, but we go through the weekend without mishap thanks to Katie James, Leonard Courtemanche, and Carrie Ostrowski. Right leader is Montesa, left is Ducati II, right wheeler is Velocette, and left wheel is Penton. 

Ponies getting ready for Gayla Bluegrass CDE

Just a few more days until the Gayla Bluegrass CDE, our home show. I will be showing the pony team, as well as Darryl Leifheit and Janeene Jennings ASB gelding, A Savannah Day, aka Trooper. First show for all! I will also navigate for Dede Delaney and her pair in her first Prelim Pony Pair show, and 12 yo Chase Gillispie in his first CDE! Should be tons of fun!