Montesa (Jessie), Ducati (Darby), Penton (Petey) Moto Guzzi (Guzzi

This is about the third time Jessie has been in the team. The new harness came today, so mostly this is it. Traces are long, and I need to steal the trace carriers from the synthetic harness for the leaders. Bridles fit ok, and everything else works with minor tweaks. Looks pretty good on themContinue reading “Montesa (Jessie), Ducati (Darby), Penton (Petey) Moto Guzzi (Guzzi”

TEAM STERLING Pony four in hand was a the first time out of the box for the ponies, last year pre-WEG. Eagle, the right leader, is now retired to the life of a pleasure pony in FL, and Jessie and Velo have joined the team. As soon as we get good weather, I’ll get some video of the new onesContinue reading “TEAM STERLING Pony four in hand”